A journey to the roots of Italian folk music through the images and the words of its greatest interpreter, Caterina Bueno. 'Caterina' is a portrait of the main researcher and interpreter of traditional folk and peasant singing in Italy. Indeed, it was thanks to Caterina Bueno's work (Fiesole, 1943 - Florence, 2007) that a wide repertoire of songs, orally transmitted up to the 20th century, was recovered and saved from oblivion. Since the earliest '60s, a life devoted to music and research took Caterina on national and international stages, making her a key figure in the cultural world of the time. Her path crossed those of Italy's major contemporary intellectuals, such as Dario Fo, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Umberto Eco, including artists such as Giovanna Marini, Fausto Amodei and Francesco De Gregori.

Release DateFebruary 15th, 2020
DirectorFrancesco Corsi
February 15th, 2020


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