‘Celebrity Family Feud’: Kristin Chenoweth’s Dirty Answer Shocks Steve Harvey (VIDEO)

‘Celebrity Family Feud’: Kristin Chenoweth’s Dirty Answer Shocks Steve Harvey (VIDEO)

Published August 15, 2022
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Before the round began, Harvey introduced the Tony-winning actress, saying, “You know what, I’m really good with people. You are an exceptionally nice person.” However, his opinion changed just moments later as he asked the contestants, “We asked 100 women, after the lips, what’s your favorite part of a man to kiss?”

Chenoweth was quick to buzz in first but momentarily paused before giving her answer. Clearly embarrassed by the answer she had in mind, The West Wing alum said, “It rhymes with [censored].” Unfortunately, the television audience didn’t get to hear what Chenoweth actually said as her response was beeped, but the reaction from Harvey said a lot. [The official Family Feud YouTube page revealed later that Chenoweth’s answer rhymed with “heinous.”]

Harvey then jokingly reflected on his previous perception of the Broadway star. “‘Nicest woman I’ve ever met… Oh, my god, I can just tell you’re a wonderful person,’” the host said, mocking himself. “Welcome to Sunday night TV, folks.”

Whatever Chenoweth’s answer may have been, it was not correct. However, despite this early setback and mild embarrassment, the Wicked performer managed to walk away with $25,000 for her charity, the Kristen Chenoweth Arts and Education Fund.