Dining and the dogs

Dining and the dogs

Published August 11, 2022
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If you dine out enough you see canines consuming cuisine and behaving in ways that disturb a lot of diners. If these dogs were kids, we’d mutter under our breath that the parents were doing a poor job of parenting. In defense of dogs, some of the canines behave a lot better than the children who run wild inappropriately at Boulder County eateries. 

“As a very allergic person, I vote NO to having non-service dogs inside restaurants. Outside is OK for well-behaved dogs. There are a lot of other places folks can commune with their animals, so please save restaurants for humans.”

“Dogs and cats should not be allowed in restaurants or cafes or bakeries. Supermarkets and brewpubs maybe. Service animals are different because they have been through a lot of training. Most people don’t bother to train their dogs much and assume the dog is ‘nice’ because it is nice at home or in familiar situations. Dogs are unpredictable, at best, especially with children. Many people think everyone should love their dog as much as they do. I assure you, everyone does not.”

It is turning out to be a good year for Colorado’s famous Western Slope peaches, with successive varieties of sweet juiciness arriving each week. Be sure to preserve some now for a pie in the chill of November.