Do Fabiola and Aneesa get together in Never Have I Ever season 3?

Do Fabiola and Aneesa get together in Never Have I Ever season 3?

Published August 12, 2022
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Today is the day. Never Have I Ever season 3 is finally streaming on Netflix. There’s so much that happened this season, such as relationship troubles with all the main couples and new love interests introduced. There were even some shocking and unexpected romantic pairings. Do Fabiola and Aneesa get together this season? Continue reading to find out the answer to this question.

Never Have I Ever season 2 ends with Devi and Paxton officially getting together, Fabiola and Eve confessing their love for one another, Eleanor and Trent possibly becoming a thing, and Ben and Aneesa together. Overall, things were looking up for all of the characters at the end of season 2, apart from Ben still harboring feelings for Devi. But problems start rising to the surface for all the couples at the beginning of Never Have I Ever season 3.

At the start of season 3, Devi and Paxton are faced with relationship trouble because Devi feels insecure about being with Paxton. Eleanor is unsure if she and Trent are a couple. Eve moves to South Korea because of her mom’s new business venture, which strains her relationship with Fabiola. Lastly, we start to notice how Ben and Aneesa aren’t really compatible.

As the season goes on, Ben and Aneesa just can’t make things right between them and eventually break up. But Aneesa doesn’t stay single for long. She gets together with someone we least expected. Also, the long-distance relationship doesn’t work out between Fabiola and Eve.