Ellen DeGeneres’ Show on HBO Max Show Canceled

Ellen DeGeneres’ Show on HBO Max Show Canceled

Published August 12, 2022
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If there was ever proof that Ellen DeGeneres isn’t as powerful as she once was, not even she could escape the cancelation sweep at HBO Max. The recently departed daytime host’s animated series Little Ellen was canceled ahead of its Season 3 premiere, Deadline reported Wednesday.

The show features a seven-year-old girl named Ellen, voiced by Laurel Emory. The producers completed new episodes for the new season, which was set to premiere in June. But then the show was cancelled indefinitely and the final notice came in August.

In 2019, Little Ellen was ordered. The first 10 episodes of the show were released in September 2021. The second season of the show was released in March 2022. The voice cast included Johanna Colon as Ellen’s cousin Becky and JeCobi Swain as their friend Freckle. Oscar-nominee June Squibb voiced Ellen’s grandmother.

In September 2019, DeGeneres and HBO Max announced that she would produce shows for the streaming service. The first show announced was called Little Ellen. It was based on DeGeneres’ childhood. The next show announced was Ellen’s Home Design Challenge. It was a reality show where people competed to design DeGeneres’ home. The show aired in April and May 2021. The next show announced was First Dates Hotel. It was a reality show where people went on dates in a hotel. The show never aired because it was too similar to a U.K. show called First Dates that already existed. Finally, DeGeneres started working on a documentary series about Albert Einstein called Finding Einstein which never aired either.