Ezra Miller Gets New Accusations As Warner Bros. CEO Says He’s Excited For The Flash

Ezra Miller Gets New Accusations As Warner Bros. CEO Says He’s Excited For The Flash

Published August 5, 2022
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Before Paramount+ carried that name it was called CBS All Access, and during those early days of the streamer Ezra Miller starred in a new series adapting Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic epic The Stand. Miller played the Trashcan Man, a severely mentally ill pyromaniac who survives the deadly plague that kills most of humanity. Through Trashcan Man, the villain of the story — Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård) — manufactures his own defeat. Flagg gives Trashcan Man free reign, and the increasingly explosive antics of the pyromaniac culminate in him bringing a live nuclear warhead to his master. The warhead detonates, destroying Flagg’s even more hedonistic new version of Las Vegas and all of his followers. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it may be time for David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery to learn a lesson from the story of Trashcan Man and Randall Flagg, before Ezra Miller forces them to learn it.

With more and more news — from the disappointing cancellation of Batgirl to the word that HBO Max as we know it will cease to exist in the next few years — it seemed about time for Ezra Miller to pop up for some new, twisted updates and the Justice League star hasn’t disappointed. New accusations have surfaced about Ezra Miller, as well as new alleged details about some of the claims against them already made. The report carries new details about Miller’s alleged abuse and grooming of Tokata Iron Eyes, accusations of Miller attempting to groom another 11-year-old, and claims the star was running something like a cult during his time in Iceland. The fresh accusations come the same day that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO said he was “very excited” about the upcoming release of The Flash, per Variety, in which Miller will star as the titular speedster.

It was in June that the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes accused Ezra Miller of having been grooming their child since she was 12-years-old (she is now 18), when Miller met her on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Insider (via IndieWire) spoke to Miller’s “longtime music collaborator” Oliver Ignatius, who claimed to have witnessed emotional abuse committed by Miller. Ignatius brought up the example of Miller once verbally abusing Iron Eyes for wearing make-up, allegedly yelling at her, “What the f–k are you doing? Putting on this f–king clown paint?” Ignatius also made allegations of inappropriate behavior between the two, including Miller “sloppily kissing” Iron Eyes.

Two women who say they met Ezra Miller while they were staying in Reykjavík, Iceland claimed the actor was running an Airbnb which the women described as “cult-like.” They described Miller undergoing dramatic mood swings, and claimed the guests in the airbnb seemed “hypnotized” by Miller and completely unfazed by their behavior, even when it was allegedly abusive. One woman in particular told Insider that Miller took her under their wing when she was wrestling with substance abuse. She claimed Miller would at turns be incredibly sweet and brutally cruel. “At one moment they would look me in the eye and be like, ‘I love you,’ and be this really nice, beautiful person,” she told Insider. Then, she said, Miller would “tell me that I was f–king disgusting.”