Key takeaways from first half of Chiefs vs. Bears preseason opener

Key takeaways from first half of Chiefs vs. Bears preseason opener

Published August 13, 2022
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The Kansas City Chiefs’ first preseason game of the year is underway as they face off against the Chicago Bears in the Windy City. The first half of the game is officially in the books, with the good guys winning 14-0. It was a good start to the preseason for Kansas City, with the starters on both sides of the ball looking sharp.

The grass at Soldier Field is a complete mess as the result of a recent Elton John concert. We knew the field was in poor shape well ahead of the game, but it wasn’t right up until kickoff that the grounds crew for the Bears decided to do anything about it.

For a multi-billion-dollar industry, you’d think that the NFL would have something to say to the Bears about the poor condition of their field. This has been a persistent issue for Chicago for years and years. It’s a huge safety concern for the players to have divots in the grass turf that they’re playing on. Thankfully, there have been a limited number of injuries in the game. The Chiefs have managed fine despite the poor conditions, but I can assure you they’re not thrilled about it.

The Chiefs’ offensive starts got an 11-play touchdown drive before Andy Reid chose to sit them down. The preseason is known for the team running some exceptionally vanilla scheme, with some pretty basic play calls. Justin Reid said it best, you “line up and test the wills.”