Never Have I Ever Recap: Double Jeopardy

Never Have I Ever Recap: Double Jeopardy

Published August 13, 2022
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Folks!!! Devi and Des are on a date! The conversation is cute — they bond over lying to their moms about their whereabouts — and Devi learns that Des is a fellow debate team member. They’ll even be facing each other at the Valley Regional Debate Tournament.

During the date, Devi asks Des point-blank why he ghosted her. He apologizes and admits it was shitty for him to do but says he second-guessed whether he should pursue a girl he found crying over another dude. Fair. Thankfully, Devi says she’s over Paxton and likes someone else. And that someone else is kissing her right now at a frozen yogurt spot!

Des and Devi are enjoying the perks of having overprotective moms who are friends. They can study together and kiss clandestinely without suspicion! But it also means Devi can see when calendar reminders pop up on Des’s phone: like the one for the upcoming “Easy Practice Sesh at Sherman Oaks High.” Devi’s offended that his debate team thinks hers is a joke. Des tries to make things better by explaining that his private school is just better funded (translation: it’s not your fault you’re poor), but regardless, Devi warns him that his team will be wallopped tomorrow. A (figurative) fire is ignited.

The next morning, Devi gives her teammates an intense (and threatening) pep talk. But even the formerly-cocksure Ben is doubtful of their odds: “I’m going to have to side with your Love Island-looking boyfriend on this one. Hartman Hill’s gonna crush us.” Rumor has it they’ve got paralegals, LexisNexis Premium, and their new coach is the computer that won Jeopardy. (It has a — probably legally unclearable — name, guys! Watson. Show some respect.) While I appreciate this new Zen Ben, Devi does not. She’s still determined to make Hartman Hill sweat.