Never Have I Ever Recap: How Devi Got Her Vibe Back

Never Have I Ever Recap: How Devi Got Her Vibe Back

Published August 13, 2022
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Remember the last episode? The one where Devi met a smokin’ hot Indian guy with killer eyebrows named Des, and they danced and flirted and he asked if he could text her, and we all collectively swooned because this could be the start of something incredible? Remember that hope and excitement we had? We were so innocent then!

Devi tries to look on the bright side — at least she got back into the flirting game after spending forever on the bench. Eleanor says that might be the problem: Devi’s sexual vibes are rusty, and people can tell. The cure? She’s gotta make out with someone ASAP. And what better place to do it than the drama club’s coffeehouse that night? Everyone will be there! (Even Paxton, looking to beef up his college application, will be volunteering.)

At the coffeehouse, Devi flops at her first flirting attempt after Ben starts heckling her. He asks what she’s doing and mocks her when she gives an earnest explanation. They break into their usual bickerfest, which leads Devi to bet that she’ll kiss someone that night and he won’t. Ben jumps on the challenge. (Note: earlier in the episode, we see Ben overhearing Devi’s plans to tongue-wrestle someone at the coffeehouse and then he just happens to be there. Weird. Shouldn’t you be studying, Ben?)

Devi’s scoping out prospective pouts, but every guy she considers turns out to be gay, taken, or both. The only legit candidate for her is Alejandro, a dweeb who was wearing his sweater backwards. Meanwhile, all Ben has to do is look tortured in his hoodie for horny, corseted theater girls to be magnetized to him.