NFL Plus streaming has live games for $4.99 per month — but not on your TV

NFL Plus streaming has live games for $4.99 per month — but not on your TV

Published July 26, 2022
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The National Football League (NFL) has finally launched its mobile streaming service, NFL Plus. The service is available in two different tiers: NFL Plus and NFL Plus Premium, for $4.99 / month ($39.99 / year) or $9.99 / month ($79.99 / year), respectively.

Both NFL Plus and Premium offer the ability to stream live local or nationally broadcast regular and postseason games (including the playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl) but only on a mobile phone or tablet screen — not on your TV. There’s also live game audio for all games (with your choice of home, away, or national broadcasters), the entire slate of preseason games, and ad-free access to NFL’s on-demand programming. NFL Premium comes with a few extra perks, including ad-free full and condensed game replays, as well as access to Coaches Film.

NFL Plus has been rumored since at least March and was confirmed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this month. The NFL has long partnered with Verizon to allow its customers to stream live games from their mobile devices and later extended those rights to any mobile carrier. These deals didn’t include out-of-market games, however.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Goodell says the NFL doesn’t have any solid predictions as to how many subscribers the service will rake in during its first year. “We’re playing the long game,” Goodell says. “This is about establishing and learning relationships. We’re not judging this on whether we bust through 500,000 subscribers in the first five months.”