Pat McAfee Makes Bold Prediction on Russell Wilson, Broncos

Pat McAfee Makes Bold Prediction on Russell Wilson, Broncos

Published August 19, 2022
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Pat McAfee has become one of the most prolific commentators in sports media. The Pat McAfee Show is a juggernaut and when he speaks on an NFL issue, people listen — not just because he’s so often right but because he played at an All-Pro level in the league for eight seasons. 

So when McAfee absolutely gushes about the “new” Russell Wilson and the Broncos suddenly boasting the richest owner in the NFL, people stop and take heed. Including Wilson himself, who retweeted McAfee’s boistrous take. 

“It’s a whole new Russell Wilson,” McAfee said earlier this week. “And he’s what, the richest owner 10x? The [Broncos] owner is the richest owner in all of sports? The Broncos are about to become the team… The Broncos are about to take everything over, aren’t they?” 

Wilson has never had a collection of offensive line and skill-position talent around him like he does now in Denver. An All-Pro left tackle combined with a starting five balanced well with young talent and veteran experience? Wilson is loving that.