Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap: Blood on the Dance Floor

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap: Blood on the Dance Floor

Published July 30, 2022
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Original Sin’s unapologetic slasher trappings should serve as content warning enough — like, a blanket content warning across the entire season — but just in case you’re the kind of person who likes a head’s up about these things, the inaugural season’s third episode opens on an extreme close-up of Karen Beasley’s bloody dead face, her eyes open and staring emptily at the camera. It’s a lot!

Thankfully, the shot cuts quickly back to Imogen, wearing the Spirit Queen crown, staring down in shocked horror as the pool of blood seeping from her ex-best friend’s body creeps ever closer. Tabitha shakes her from her shock and pulls her off the stage to follow everyone else racing from the gym. At this point, Kelly appears, collapsing at her twin sister’s side, sobbing, with Greg (Elias Kacavas) pacing frantically in the distant background.

Back in the hallway, finally all together again, the Final Girls press Imogen for literally any answers she can give about what the hell just happened, the camera panning in a continuous and nauseating loop around the circle the whole time. Still half in shock, Imogen is eventually able to string out the key details: Karen. Bucket of red paint. Man [sic] in a leather mask. Murder.

“Like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of mask??” Tabitha asks, physically incapable of not squeezing a film reference into every conversation. But yes, exactly! And what’s more, all the girls confirm that they’ve seen the same guy [again, sic] staring eerily at them from a distance at various points over the past week. Which they just, apparently, chose not to mention to another living soul?? (This does not suggest comforting things about what passes for “normal” in Millwood, PA.)