Queen Elizabeth’s Plans ‘Cannot Be Moved’ for Harry and Meghan, Palace Source Says

Queen Elizabeth’s Plans ‘Cannot Be Moved’ for Harry and Meghan, Palace Source Says

Published August 17, 2022
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Queen Elizabeth may struggle to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they visit the U.K. next month as the aging monarch has an exceptionally busy week at the beginning of September and, sources at Buckingham Palace said, “Some things cannot be moved.”

Sources at Buckingham Palace told The Daily Beast that while there was no intention to steer expectations one way or the other around Harry and Meghan getting or not getting an audience with the queen, it is a simple fact that the week commencing September 5 is jam-packed with constitutional duties for the queen.

Harry and Meghan are expected to be in the U.K. twice in September: for the One Young World 2022 Summit in Manchester on Sept. 5, and again on Sept. 8 at the WellChild Awards. In between these dates they will be at an Invictus Games event in Düsseldorf. They are expected to stay at their Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage, but this has not been confirmed.

The most public of the queen’s duties that week is to hold an audience with Britain’s new prime minister on September 6, and invite them to form a government. While this is not in itself a particularly lengthy meeting, the queen, who is known for her assiduous work ethic, will demand extensive briefing notes to prepare for her meeting with the new PM (likely to be right-winger Liz Truss) and would be unlikely to welcome trifling domestic distractions as she prepares to anoint the woman who might, conceivably, be her last prime minister. She is likely to want to spend a considerable amount of time after the formal activity reflecting on the meeting with advisers, and recording it in her private diaries.