Saints Quotes Following the Packers Game

Saints Quotes Following the Packers Game

Published August 20, 2022
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The second preseason game for the Saints brought us another mixed bag. There were plenty of good moments, but obviously more bad ones that led to the team losing to the Packers 20-10. The team didn’t play the majority of their starters, so it allowed us an opportunity to get a closer look at battles that will impact the final 10-12 spots of the final roster. Here’s some of the quotes from Dennis Allen and players following the game.

OPENING STATEMENT: “So, disappointed in the loss. Too many penalties. Turned the ball over, and we let them run the ball on us, and you can’t do that and expect to win. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a preseason game. We’ve got to be better in those areas. That was disappointing to see all the penalties. It’s disappointing to see that we turned the ball over again for the second straight week. So, that’s got to get cleaned up.

“There were some positives in the game. Obviously, defensively we take the ball away there at the end of the first half, create a forced fumble and end up getting a touchdown to end the first half. I thought that was good. It was good to see Wil Lutz kick a 59-yarder, so that was a positive in the game. Look, we got to go back to work and keep getting better.”

ON WHAT HE SAW ON TOUCHDOWN PLAY: “Different coverage from the play we called. Kind of felt like a little zone, just tried to find some open space and get to the open space where I’m supposed to be at.”