Should Saints Be Concerned About Trevor Penning’s Practice Fights?

Should Saints Be Concerned About Trevor Penning’s Practice Fights?

Published August 4, 2022
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New Orleans Saints rookie offensive tackle Trevor Penning was kicked out of practice on Wednesday for his involvement in a scuffle with defensive tackle Malcolm Roach. It marked the third consecutive day Penning has been involved in a fight at practice. Penning’s tough-nosed approach is appreciated, but things are starting to spiral out of control. Video footage of Wednesday’s scuffle was captured.

Penning plays a physical position that demands attitude. You’d prefer to roster an offensive lineman that needs to tone things down as opposed to one that isn’t physical enough. Penning is clearly still searching for the correct balance two weeks into his first professional training camp. It’s crucial Penning finds his footing before September marks its arrival.

It’s worth monitoring how Penning responds to Wednesday’s punishment. His actions will be closely monitored by the Saints’ coaching staff going forward. Another scuffle at practice this week would indicate Penning didn’t learn his lesson. The Saints want Penning to showcase growth when afforded the opportunity.

On the flip side, the Saints shouldn’t be surprised by Penning’s antics thus far. The No. 19 overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, Penning’s aggressive demeanor was well noted throughout his time at Northern Iowa. Penning possesses a nasty approach in the trenches where he looks to embarrass defenders through the whistle. Similar post-play antics routinely got him in trouble at this year’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, where several defenders were involved in similar grappling bouts with Penning throughout drills. This is merely a continuation of who Penning has always been.