Stranger Things Star Jamie Campbell Bower Sang Lizzo Lyrics in His Vecna Voice

Stranger Things Star Jamie Campbell Bower Sang Lizzo Lyrics in His Vecna Voice

Published August 4, 2022
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Actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the Upside Down’s haunting Vecna in season four of the Netflix series, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on August 3. Jamie and Jimmy covered lots of ground, breaking down how Jamie nailed Vecna’s signature growl. 

Finding Vecna’s voice wasn’t an overnight process — it took some time to land on the deep, threatening snarl that almost echoes with evil. “It took a few months to get right. I’d been doing a bit of work on Vecna and Henry… I was there at the table read with everyone, I sat behind Millie [Bobby Brown], and I was doing the voice,” Jamie shared. “It started in this very nasally area, kind of more like Freddy Krueger, and it just wasn’t landing. So I went home and worked on it, did a bunch of reference work on Hellraiser… and it said that this deep, booming voice kind of comes out of the darkness.” 

According to Jamie, his work as a singer helped him nail the voice, and that’s how the Vecna we know and love — well, maybe love isn’t the right word — was born. Then, in efforts of showing how easily the actor can slip between his British accent and Vecna’s voice, Jimmy tested Jamie by asking him to use his Vecna voice and say things Vecna “would never say.” 

Challenge accepted. Jamie expertly showcased his Vecna voice, trying his hand at some famous lines from movies like Titanic and Notting Hill, like “draw me like one of your French girls” and “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Jamie even revealed what it would sound like if his Thomas & Friends character Skiff sounded like Vecna, and we gotta say… that is not kid-friendly. Then, Jamie made the audience go wild by singing a few Lizzo lyrics as Vecna — and didn’t miss a beat.