Tower of Fantasy release time, date, and pre-load rewards explained

Tower of Fantasy release time, date, and pre-load rewards explained

Published August 10, 2022
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To pre-load Tower of Fantasy prior to its launch, first head to the official website. Once you’re there, look just below the global countdown clock and you’ll see options to pre-load the game on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Download that, then hit the big yellow launch button to move along to the launcher proper! From here, you’ll need to register an account if you haven’t already, thankfully you can do that from the launcher by clicking on the register button. This will allow you to create an account in-client.

Tower of Fantasy is an open world live service RPG, with a selection of unique characters packing their own unique weapon you can unlock and play as. While it’s playable solo, you can team up with other players and take on monsters found across the world. If you’ve played Genshin Impact, you’re getting something similar here. A live service experience where character-based combat is at its core.

But there are some stark differences! For one, there’s an emphasis on character customisation in Tower of Fantasy. One of the first things you’ll do is create your own protagonist, picking out their hair style, eyes, clothes etc. This means you can head in with a character that suits you, rather than making due with the same protagonist as everyone else.