Trish Stratus shares her excitement to be back in WWE

Trish Stratus shares her excitement to be back in WWE

Published August 23, 2022
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Though she hasn’t been an active wrestler since 2019, when she lost to Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, and has been a Hall of Famer for almost a decade, Trish Stratus remains one of the most popular performers in WWE history both among fans and her peers.

A seven-time WWE Women’s Champion, one-time WWE Hardcore Champion, and the youngest person to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Stratus’ decision to bring her talents back to the company that made her an international Superstar for a tour around Canada drew rave reviews from the fans who have loved her work and massive pops at every arena from which she was afforded an opportunity to grace its stage. She talked trash on Bayley, talked more trash on Bayley, and then coaxed the former member of the “Boss ‘N Hug Connection” into the ring for her first match since the spring of 2021, even if Ms. Ding Dong, Hello ultimately pulled out the win over local favorite Aliyah.

So naturally, when Stratus went backstage to celebrate a job well done, Sarah Schreiber decided to catch up with her to ask about her experience returning to the company or the tour, asked if she would like to return again in the future, and, weirdly enough, a lot about Christmas.

Schreiber started off her interview with an easy, open-ended question to get Stratus talking – which she did plenty of – and break the ice: “What has it been like being in front of the WWE Universe?” Stratus happily responded, saying, “Well, the obvious answer’s been ‘Stratusfying,’ of course, but uh, no, it’s been fantastic. We’ve, gosh, the Scotiabank Arena, for me, has a lot of memories, you know? I had my retirement match here, I had my farewell match with Charlotte Flair, so coming back here tonight and not getting my butt kicked was nice. And, uh, just like, the hometown welcome, it’s always really special.”