WATCH: Dallas Police Shoot Dallas Love Field Shooter

WATCH: Dallas Police Shoot Dallas Love Field Shooter

Published July 27, 2022
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Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia says Portia Odufuwa first tried to buy a gun in 2016 but was denied because of an outstanding traffic warrant. In 2019 she was arrested for a bank robbery in Wylie and Mesquite for arson. In 2020 she was arrested at Love Field and taken for a mental health evaluation.

UPDATED: WBAP/KLIF) – Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia this morning updated the situation at Dallas Love Field where he says a 37-year old woman entered the facility around 10:59AM, walked into a restroom and started firing a gun after exiting the restroom wearing a hoodie.

As of 12:33 our Clayton Neville said that TSA was in the process of rescreening all passengers who had been evacuated from the airport. The process will take time. Clayton also said that, according to witnesses the woman was screaming that she’s going to “shoot this place up,” and saying something about her cheating husband.

This was frightening. Waiting for flight home at #lovefield, everyone in the terminal began running for the gates in sheer panic. Supposedly active shooter at ticket counter. @SouthwestAir staff were amazing, doing everything to get us to safety. #guncontrol #EnoughIsEnough