What Is Quiet Quitting, the Work Trend Taking Over TikTok

What Is Quiet Quitting, the Work Trend Taking Over TikTok

Published August 15, 2022
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Quiet quitting, a new workplace trend taking off on TikTok, has workers setting out to establish clear work-life boundaries to reduce stress — but without actually being taken off of the company payroll, as the name might suggest.

The new trend of quiet quitting has sparked more than 3.9 million video views on TikTok as well as articles from The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and other websites. Hundreds of quiet quitters are speaking out about how they’re working harder to retain healthy work-life balance, and less on surpassing expectations outside of their job descriptions, all while staying at their current jobs.

“People aren’t going above and beyond — they’re not bending over backwards for their employers anymore and sacrificing their mental and physical health,” Allison Peck, a career coach with more than 400,000 followers on TikTok, told TODAY. “They’re doing what they’re getting paid for.”

Videos tagged #QuietQuitting range from workplace ruminations on closing your computer when 5 p.m. strikes and spending more time with family, to others who quip the definition of quiet quitting is just … working.