What Tiger Woods’ LIV criticism revealed about his growth as a sports icon

What Tiger Woods’ LIV criticism revealed about his growth as a sports icon

Published August 6, 2022
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In his 30-plus years as a broadcaster, Mike Tirico has been privileged to witness the achievements of many of the world’s best athletes, including the entirety of Tiger Woods’ storied career, which has given him a unique insider’s perspective on Woods’ significant contributions to the game.

On this week’s episode of Subpar, Tirico told hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz why he thought Woods’ pointed comments at the Open Championship at St. Andrews on the dangers of defecting to LIV Golf represented a seminal moment for the 15-time major champ.

“I thought what he said about the PGA Tour and the LIV Tour, and the differences between the two, the dude for a quarter-century has been the face of the PGA Tour,” Tirico began. “He has put money in more people’s pockets — including all the guys on the LIV Tour. All the guys on the LIV tour, the PGA Tour make a boatload more money because of Tiger Woods, period. You cannot argue that statement.

“All of us in TV, the importance of golf, all of that, is because of one guy,” he continued. “And he’s been the face of it for 25 years, since ‘Hello, world,’ in Milwaukee. And for the first time, he really stepped up to be the voice in golf, putting pressure on the major championships, just laying it out there for those guys. ‘Hey, you know what, you may never experience what we’re experiencing now if you go there and you can’t get in majors.’ It was cool to see. I’m glad that he took that moment to play a card that he’s never played before.”