Who Is Anna Mani? Indian Physicist Who Defied Gender Norms

Who Is Anna Mani? Indian Physicist Who Defied Gender Norms

Published August 23, 2022
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The doodle depicts Anna Mani working in front of various weather images. The images spell out “Google” on the search engine’s homepage. Google published the doodle on August 23, which would have been Mani’s 104th birthday. Mani began trending on Google shortly after.

Mani was dedicated to her work. Despite nearly 90 percent of Indian women choosing to marry, she remained single and committed to her career throughout her life. Mani’s life work led to her moniker “Weather Woman.” Her work enabled India to make accurate weather predictions.

In 1948, Mani began work with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) at Pune in the instruments division headed by S.P. Venkiteshwaran. Venkiteshwaran hoped to make India self-reliant in meteorology and weather. Mani contributed to his efforts. She sought out skilled workers to staff sophisticated meteorology machines. She also standardized the blueprint for approximately 100 weather instruments and began production, according to Women’s Web.

Mani took a deep interest in solar radiation and began to design and manufacture instruments to measure radiation in the late 1950s. She also recognized the potential of wind energy. She hoped India could learn to harness wind for energy and then installed wind measurement equipment in 700 places in India to study wind patterns.